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Neufang to Baltimore

The History of the Foertschbeck Family in America

Neufang Nach Baltimore

Die Geschichte der Familie Förtschbeck in Amerika


Spiral Bound


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This book is a comprehensive history of the Foertschbeck family from the mid 1600's through the early 2000's.  There are over 500 charts, exhibits, extracts of German and U.S. church sacramental records, and family photographs from Germany and the U.S.  The book includes 7 chapters and 4 appendices in 334 full color pages, spiral bound. 

  • Chapter 01 - Our German Heritage / Life in Medieval Germany

  • Chapter 02 - Oberfranken to America

    • German Immigration statistics and charts​

    • Excerpts from Hans Schaub, PhD, dissertation of emigration from Oberfranken (Upper Franconia, nothern Bavaria)

  • Chapter 03 - Förtschbeck Origins - 1600's - Late 1800's - Generations I - V

    • Evolution of "Förtsch" to Förtschbeck

    • Genealogy chart of relationship between branches of the Förtschbeck families

  •  Chapter 04 - Foertschbeck Families in America - 1870's-2000 Plus - Generations VI-XI

    • Custom charts of Foertschbeck family branches in America​

    • Summary of Foertschbeck families recorded in U.S. Census Reports 1900 through 1940

  •  Chapter 05 - Descendants of Simon & Kunigunde Föhrweiser Förtschbeck - Generations V - VIII

  •  Chapter 06 - Descendants of John & Anna Deuerling Foertschbeck and their Descendants - Generations VI - VIII

  •  Chapter 07 - About the Author, John H. Foertschbeck (1940)

  •  Appendix A - John Foertschbeck (1862-1931) Documents 

  •  Appendix B - John H. Foertschbeck (1914-1976) Documents

  •  Appendix C - Old German Postcards

  •  Appendix D - Sacred Heart of Jesus Cemetery

    • Cemetery map with Foertschbeck family graves marked, plus photos of many of the grave sites.​

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